So as you know (as per the “about this blog” section) I’m sitting in Johannesburg, South Africa and my husband in Paris. I thought the title “Transition” fitting because of where I am right now in my life. Its a weird space to be in solely because in essence its a state of limbo. Its like moving house ON STEROIDS.

Apart from my personal transitions (and there many the two highlights being getting married and moving to another hemisphere) the buzz word in South African politics is also “transition”. And you sitting there right now thinking: “What is this woman on about, firstly she’s talking about her move now she’s on about politics?”

Allow me to elaborate, politics is essentially apart of me. I make my living trying to pre-empt African politics for investors. My counties of interest are South Africa, Angola and the DRC.

So two of my “countries” and myself head into transition. As I get ready to move to Paris, South Africa’s democracy is forced to move into its second phase of transition and Angola attempts to vote-out its president, who has been at it for the 33rd year running. Interesting time ahead… Interesting indeed!!

I think I’m the only one of the three that’s got the ball rolling, I have my life packed into four bags floating somewhere between Durban and Paris. The waters to east and west of Africa are pirate-infested. I’m feeling real confident here….

PS: My husband sends me a postcard from Paris every week… we trying to be old-school here, bear with us…..


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