And so it begins…

I received my first postcard from Paris this week. I never thought that receiving something as small and impersonal in the post, such as a postcard, could be so exciting. I guess email, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc has taught me to enjoy the more simple things in life.

Having said that, I think my husband is a brave soul. He actually deciphered how to send a postcard from Paris to Johannesburg. I don’t think I would have known where to begin. I’ve never bought a stamp in life. So I guess, email, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc has spoiled me a little.

Old school isn’t so bad after all, it created a bit of excitement in my lackluster life. Well to be honest here, I’ve been waiting for Peter’s postcard since he sent it to me on 16 June 2012. The fact that it took so long to get here (owing mainly to a strike at the South African Post Office) really heightened my sense of anticipation. Its like waking up on your fifth birthday to see what special gift you received. Only then you got a Barbie doll or in my case large teddy bears and now you receive a postcard…

Have I grown to be THAT old? Or is that as you get older you simply appreciate the simpler things in life?

Me thinks the former, I’m not the philosophical type…

Contents of Postcard No.1

Contents of the Postcard No.1

Notre-Dame by Pierre Boussier

The first postcard sent to me from my husband in Paris.


2 thoughts on “And so it begins…

  1. Love the blog, I’m excited that you are going to be living in the most romantic city in the world, or so they say. Maybe you can send me a post card to let me know if it truly is for you both. It seems very fitting that you are settling in Paris, I think it will compliment you very well. As for postcards there’s something very nostalgic and thoughtful about them. I love collecting them, sending and receiving them. It always makes me smile to know that even though someone is elsewhere in the world they’ve thought of you and wished you were with them. They might be simple, humble little things but they mean so much.

    • Thanks, Madame. You can definitely expect a postcard from me and probably a visit. I totally agree with you, there is nothing more humble than a postcard yet is arrives with an infinite amount of meaning and thought.

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