Mother load…

So as the title to this entry suggests, I’ve received a glut of something. And as you, dear reader, correctly guessed its postcards. My gentle giant a.k.a Monkey a.k.a Peter decided to surprise me by sending three postcards from Geneva. All of which were purchased and written in Geneva but posted in Paris.

They arrived separated in the post, one as you know came yesterday and the other two this morning. Gotta love the postman for keeping my anticipation levels up. Thank you Mr Unknown Postman and…

Thank you, Monkey!!!

Anyway, moving on to another topic which happens to be this blog. I once read somewhere that in order for a blog to be successful one needs to write about a topic or subject that one is passionate about and knows well. I guess my blog ain’t gonna be all that successful ’cause I write about everything and nothing really. And because if I had to write on what I’m passionate about and know well I might just bore my tiny troop of die hard followers to oblivion. I wouldn’t want that, who would follow my blog?

So to all you guys and gals who at least read my ramblings, however few you are, thank you… and enjoy the two new postcards!

My second postcard from Geneva/Paris

Peter may be missing my family???

My “sticker” postcard

Contents of my “sticker” postcard


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