Halfway Here, Halfway There

My postcard for this week arrived. This time it really was a surprise because I was out and about Johannesburg the entire day and the postcard’s possible arrival slipped out of mind. When I returned home late last night it was there, waiting for me, almost accusingly.

It’s a beautiful postcard showing a black and white picture of the Eiffel Tower in all her metallic glory. The picture makes me think I’m in a different century, one before colour photos and email, when postcards were a common occurrence. In fact, during World War II if a family received a postcard from their loved one in battle it was a happy time for them, however if they received a telegram sadness descended upon the household because their love one was either MIA or even worse.

Anyway, I digress – this week’s postcard in essence is reminiscent of how simple life used to be and can still be. It also reminds me to be happy no matter how archaic some people may think this “postcard relationship” is.

So as the title to this post suggests, my time in Johannesburg is running low and I’ve reached the halfway mark to seeing Peter again. It’s a bittersweet feeling to be honest. I miss him quite a bit (to a point of me picking fight with him every time we chat although I tell everyone he picks one with me) but at the same time it’s not easy to admit that I will be leaving Johannesburg (with all her faults and beauty) soon to be with him.

If there is some girl or guy out there in a similar to situation to mine please contact me, it will be interesting to compare notes. It doesn’t matter if the countries are different, the feelings and emotions must be similar.

The Eiffel Tower


Mother load…

So as the title to this entry suggests, I’ve received a glut of something. And as you, dear reader, correctly guessed its postcards. My gentle giant a.k.a Monkey a.k.a Peter decided to surprise me by sending three postcards from Geneva. All of which were purchased and written in Geneva but posted in Paris.

They arrived separated in the post, one as you know came yesterday and the other two this morning. Gotta love the postman for keeping my anticipation levels up. Thank you Mr Unknown Postman and…

Thank you, Monkey!!!

Anyway, moving on to another topic which happens to be this blog. I once read somewhere that in order for a blog to be successful one needs to write about a topic or subject that one is passionate about and knows well. I guess my blog ain’t gonna be all that successful ’cause I write about everything and nothing really. And because if I had to write on what I’m passionate about and know well I might just bore my tiny troop of die hard followers to oblivion. I wouldn’t want that, who would follow my blog?

So to all you guys and gals who at least read my ramblings, however few you are, thank you… and enjoy the two new postcards!

My second postcard from Geneva/Paris

Peter may be missing my family???

My “sticker” postcard

Contents of my “sticker” postcard

Another one follows soon after

I’ve received my second postcard. It arrived this morning as I was ready to leave the house. It was bought and written in Geneva, Switzerland but posted from Paris. Peter admitted to not having time to write and post the postcard before catching a plane back to Paris. Bless him, at least he tries.

Before writing this entry, I watched a film…. a cheesy one titled “The Lost Valentine”. It was one of those films you get stuck watching because there really isn’t much to watch on TV despite the fact that you have over 80 channels to choose from and you don’t feel like doing anything constructive (having been lazy for over a year now, I seldom find anything constructive to get involved in).

Anyway, I got stuck into this film and by the end of it I was saying to myself: “Wow, I wish I’m loved by someone as much as this woman (Betty White) loves her husband in his absence.” I had to snap out of it and remind myself that it was a cheesy made-for-TV movie. But it made me realise that by Peter sending me a postcard once a week gives me something so seemingly obscure from him to treasure and touch and feel while we don’t see each other. It really is quite endearing.

I guess I’m missing Peter (which 30 year old watches a full movie whose main character is played by Betty White?). This is the longest time I haven’t seen him for since we met in November 2011. He really used to spoil me by making an effort to see me nearly everyday till the 12 June 2012, the day he left for Paris. I’ve never been so spoiled in all my life, it really is a WONDERFUL feeling to be made to feel so special.

Last week someone told me that they wouldn’t want to be in my situation i.e being on a different continent as my husband. Her exact words were, “it must be like being single with a distant sense of commitment”. My initial thoughts were, “that’s why you’re single, you want everything to be perfect all the time,” but that wasn’t a nice thing to think let alone say out loud (and people who know me well know that the filter between what I think and say seldom works) so I held my tongue (bless ME). I told her the truth, something someone close to me in a similar situation said to me, Peter and my current situation is a means to getting what we want.

Anyway, enough of the gooey stuff and on to the more mundane. Just so everyone knows, I managed to find myself a contract job in Paris. I officially started today and will continue to work from home once I’m in Paris. Lets hope it all goes well. I have to thank my new “boss” for being so patient, I really did drag my feet on accepting the offer. I honestly have become so lazy since I stopped working full time. Wish me luck or rather wish my boss luck….

Postcard No.2’s contents

Written in Switzerland but posted from Paris